Friday, May 23, 2014

Contemplating Everything

Here I sit at the beginning of this life changing journey contemplating all of the things that are ahead. This road will not be easy and will require a lot of thought and planning but the reward will definitely be worth it. Planning to move is a job in itself but moving abroad requires many more considerations. Having visited Santa Ana several times in the past, I have a good insight as to what to expect once there. It is truly a beautiful and historical city.

This move is a total lifestyle change for me. Although I've never really had the typical 9-5 Monday through Friday job setting, my employment history is very stable and has required a good deal of responsibility. This new career path for me will require many of the skills that I have acquired and take lots of hard work and sheer determination to see it through. It is both exciting and challenging and I am definitely ready to start.

In this little space on the web, I plan to share this journey step by step. Pictures and videos will be up soon showing the job I have in getting this beautiful old colonial house ready to welcome visitors to this great city and country. I welcome everyone to share in this incredible experience.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A View of the Cathedral of Santa Ana

Here is a beautiful view of the neo-Gothic Cathedral of Santa Ana with the Teatro de Santa Ana in the foreground.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Travel Guide: El Salvador

Here's a nice short video of travel highlights of El Salvador. The video captures the scenic beauty of this wonderful country as well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Welcome to Our Blog

Hello and welcome to the Casa de Santa Ana blog. My name is Bruce and I plan to use this space to share my experiences through pictures, words and video of my move to Santa Ana, El Salvador. I picked El Salvador as it is a hidden jewel in Central America offering a beautiful tropical atmosphere mixed in with really wonderful and kind people. Santa Ana is the country's second largest city and features the best of old colonial styles as well as modern scenes. Check back soon as I will be showcasing the progress on this venture. Please feel free to leave any comments or contact me if you have any questions. Buen día!